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Times for shows  

Dressage times for Saturday 13th April 2024 
Cold drinks for £1 will be available from 09.45 in the portacabin 
Please note that parking for lorries and trailers is opposite the main entrance on the hard core area in front of the large farm storage bulidings. Please do not leave horses unattended in this area and clean up around your trailer after use. All children under 16 years old must be supervised at all times including crossing the lane from the parking area.  
Riding School clients - please aim to be on your horse warming up 20 minutes before your time. 
10.00 start  
Class 1 Intro B 
Time Rider Horse Junior or Senior 
1000 Rose Galpin Rosie J 
1007 Aniese Queen Donnie S 
1014 Daniel Claus FF Ronnie J 
1021 Isabella Norman Nova J 
1028 Olivia Osbourne Sunny Sambo S 
1035 Ciara Natawidjaja-Hale Tilly J 
1042 Pippa Bradshaw Bluechip J 
1049 Sue Letch Grey Maggie S 
1056 Cheryl Huggins Ruben S 
1103 Rebecca Metson Glynceiriog Silver Comet S 
1110 Dean Scott Zambezir S 
1117 Katie Martin FF Donnie S 
1124 Sophie De Brito Squires Rio de Janeiro J 
1131 Lottie Lamont FF Dougal J 
writer swop - Break 
1148 Sam Laycock FF Trigger S 
1155 Saron Marsh Timmie S 
1202 Kerrie Humm Millie S 
1209 Karen Loosley Apache S 
1216 Amelie Lawrence Riley J 
1223 Megan Hughes J 
1230 Grace Kelly FF Billy S 
1237 Millie Perzylo Ceryl J 
1244 Bethany Stearn FF Trigger J 
Class 2: Prelim 18 
1251 Lottie Lamont FF Dougal J 
1258 Sheila Baker FF Ronnie S 
1305 Megan Huges J 
1312 Lindsey Drury Ceryl S 
1319 Emma Green Crunchie S 
1326 Katie Martin Donnie S 
1403 Kerrie Humm Millie S 
1410 Imogen Loosley-Fox Apache J 
1417 Amelie Lawrence Riley J 
1424 Bethany Stearn FF Trigger J 
1431 Grace Kelly FF Billy S 
1438 Saron Marsh Timmie S 
1445 Imogen Foster Myli J 
1452 Jemima Rutland Danny J 
1459 Mikala Kirman Cleopatra S 
1506 Amelia Smith Unicorn J 
Prelim 13 
1513 Cassie Toy Misty Man 
1520 Sheila Baker FF Jonnie 
1527 Emma-Jade Hodge Donnie 
1534 Katie Martin FF Trigger 
1541 Hannah East Matilda 
1548 Bonnie Thorpe FF Dolly 
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