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Dressage times for Saturday 8th June 2024 
Please note that parking for lorries and trailers is opposite the main entrance on the hard core area in front of the large farm storage bulidings. Please do not leave horses unattended in this area and clean up around your trailer after use. All children under 16 years old must be supervised at all times including crossing the lane from the parking area.  
Riding School clients - please aim to be on your horse warming up at least 15 minutes before your time. If classes run ahead of time you maybe asked to ride your test up to ten minutes earlier than listed.  
Class 1 Intro A 
1000 Aniese Queen FF Donnie S 
1007 Katie Tokely FF Trigger S 
1014 Amy Lewin Cavier Royale S 
1021 Levi Fae Precious S 
1028 Nicola Bailey Cleopatra S 
1035 Dean Scott Zambezir S 
1042 Amelie Gwyther Sandover Louie J 
1049 Poppy Silverosa Dolly Too J 
1056 Tessa Frary Lacey J 
1103 Lottie Lamont FF Dougal J 
1110 Pippa Bradshaw Bluechip J 
1117 Harriet Warner Whiz J 
Ten mins 
Class 2: Prelim 1 
1135 Lottie Lamont FF Dougal J 
1142 James O’Halloran FF Billy S 
1149 Imogen Foster Myli J 
1156 Jemima Rutland Dante J 
1203 Emma-Jade Hodge FF Donnie S 
1210 Envy Scott Zambezir J 
Swop writer 
1217 Alice Williams Rainbow S 
1224 Isabelle Thomas FF Dolly J 
1231 Charlie Rutland Beverley J 
1238 Sheila Baker FF Ronnie S 
1245 Cassie Toy Misty Man S 
1252 Katie Martin FF Donnie S 
Class 3: Prelim 2 
1259 Dawn Fletton Inca 
1306 Sheila Baker FF Ronnie 
1313 Cassie Toy Misty Man 
1320 Bonnie Thorpe FF Dudley 
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