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yard rules 

Please can we politely remind customers of the following points in order to keep everyone safe whilst they are visiting the yard: 
- All children must be supervised and remain with an adult at all times. If your child is riding in a lesson, you must remain on site. 
- Please drive slowly (max 5 mph) whilst pulling into the yard and park considerately in the main area provided. 
- Please do not run or shout whilst on the yard. 
- All spectators and children watching lessons must keep as quiet as possible in order not to disturb the lessons or spook the horses. 
- A riding hat to current standard must be worn at all times when riding and leading your horse as well as within their stable. 
- Do not feed the horses as this can encourage them to bite. 
- Do not stand close behind or walk near the rear of any horse. Horses can be unpredictable and may kick out unexpectedly. 
- Filming of group lessons is NOT PERMITTED. If you wish to film your childrens lessons please book a private session within which to do this.  
- Dogs must be kept on a lead at all times. 
Additional prodedures regarding Covid-19: 
Clients who book agree to adhere to the following measures: 
-Riders must supply their own hats, boots, whips and clean gloves or book these in advance of their lessons. Please contact us for details of local stores if you are unsure where to purchase from. 
-All clients/parents must wash their hands for at least 20 seconds on arrival at the yard and again before departure. Soap is located in the main toilet block. 
-Please ensure you maintain social distancing on the yard and around the outdoor arena at all times whilst you are at the site. 
-Do not attend the site if you or anyone who lives with you has any coronavirus symptoms and make use of our revised coronavirus cancellation policy terms. 
-Please only attend with one parent per child and no other family members. Do not enter the stable block and if you arrive early for your lesson please remain in your car. One parent attending may view the lesson at the side of the arena fence but please do not leave the site whilst your child is having a lesson. 
-Lessons will now be in the indoor arena and sometimes in the outdoor 20 x 40m outdoor arena. Please appropriately for the weather, in hot conditions arms should be covered with long sleeved tops. No shorts. 
-Lesson times include mounting /dismounting, as well as any cleaning required or ppe changes for staff. 
-Leaders will be restricted in Beginner classers and must be living within the same household as the rider being led. Leaders must have clean gloves on and solid footwear (no flipflops or sandals to lead). Due to distancing guidelines, riders will need to be capable of understanding instructions as Instructors can not physically help riders in adjusting positions (eg close contact work) or do leading. 
What to expect from us on arrival for your lesson: 
-Staff will be following strict measures regarding social distancing, handwashing, use of ppe, cleaning of facilities and uniform along with sanitising and cleaning of tack. Staff have completed an on-line Prevent Covid-19 training course. 
-Staff will place your horse for the lesson tied up outside the front of the stable block for collection. There will be a white board at the front of the stable block which will confirm which horse you are riding (we will do our best to accommodate requests but cannot guarantee your requested horse). At the end of your lesson please leave your horse outside the stable block with the lead rope clipped to their headcollar, staff will then take care of your horse in terms of untacking etc. 
-Office staff will not be able to take bookings on site - these will be over the telephone only to allow for social distancing. If we are not in the office when you call to book, please leave a message and we will call you back as soon as is practical. 
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