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Class 1: Intro A 
1st Hannah Spicer – FFRS Daisy 
2nd Sheila Baker – FFRS Ronnie 
3rd Alice Forster – FFRS Luna 
4th Kerrie Humm – FFRS Lottie 
5th Peter Folland - Josh 
6th Poppy Silverosa – My Little Ladyshown in the summary on the main blog page. 
Class 2: Pairs Intro B 
1st Charlotte Deal - Delphi Tommy 
Adele Warnes - Roo 
2nd Christina Buecker – Karla 
Mikala Kirman – Bailey 
3rd Olivia Cottrell – Brandy 
Paiten Furneaux - ? 
4th Amy Parlour – FFRS Copper 
Grace Hill - Afrodite 
Class 3: Prelim 1 
1st Charlotte Deal – Delphi Tommy 
2nd Victoria Stratford – FFRS Daisy 
3rd Olivia Butler – Twinkles World 
4th Megan Biggs - Puddles 
5th Alice Forster – FFRS Drummer 
6th Judi Smith – Noble Queen of Hearts 
Class 4: Prelim 14 
1st Mikala Kirman - Bailey 
2nd Adele Warnes - Roo 
3rd Judi Smith – Noble Queen of Hearts 
4th Denise Young – Mr Mattie 
5th Rosemary Harvey – Tulsmore Dewtent will only be shown when viewing the full post. Click on this text to edit it. 
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